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Everything You Need to Know About Meteorology and Weather Forecasting

The weather forecast you listen to every morning and evening on the TV or radio is more than just someone's best guess based on what it looks like from their window. The science behind weather forecasting is both complex and intricate. Meteorology and weather forecasting require education, skillsets and training. This informative blog has been created as a knowledge base for those interested in learning about the art of weather forecasting and meteorology. You will find a host of interesting information on the past, present and future of these fields, and so much more.

Storm Safety

29 Jul 2021

Storms can be hazardous, and therefore homeowners need to know what to do when one hits. They should reinforce their property, install early warning systems and build a bunker if possible. The more prepared a person is, the safer they will be when a storm or similar dangerous weather occurs.

Understand clouds

9 Dec 2019

We all know what clouds are and here in the UK we are especially used to them. We know there are different types of clouds - some carry rain and others don't. That's usually where our knowledge end. Today we would like to give a little further knowledge to anyone interested. Take a look at this informative video about clouds - it is fascinating!

Why do British people talk so much about the weather?

1 Feb 2019

We all know that the weather is a popular subject among the British. People will bring it up in small talk and in their day to day conversations. But why do the British tend to keep talking about the weather, you might ask? Is it just a cultural thing, a habit passed on from generation to the other? Some believe that it’s all got to do with the climate in Britain – with rainy days being so common, people can’t help hoping for nicer weather, and therefore, any sign of a break in the clouds makes for great conversation, especially as you sit at a pub sipping at a pint of beer after having gotten yourself all drenched!

Thank God for pubs

Speaking of pubs, one other thing you might do at the traditional British pub besides chatting about the weather is try your luck on a slot machine while you wait for the rain to stop. And if you’re fed up of the old pub-style machine, you can always check out online slot machines instead - there are thousands available at the click of a button these days! What’s more, nowadays there are also ways you can win more on slots by looking at specific slot data. Visit to learn more!


A snowy guide

8 Jan 2019

We are now in the deepest winter. It is dark and it is cold, and we could expect snow. But how does snow form? We know what snow is; how it feels; that it is freezing cold. We usually don't know exactly how it comes about. Today's mission here at the weather station is to inform about winter's most beautiful and spectacular natural phenomenon.